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There are two types of guys...

Guys who CHASE girls and guys who girls CHASE.

Sadly, most guys are clueless about what actually attracts girls.

They spend YEARS getting LITTLE to NO RESULTS with women


Some guys get girls EFFORTLESSLY and AT WILL...
Now imagine if you were one of those guys...
women would CHEAT on their boyfriends/husbands with you...

women would CHASE you even if you're a nerd...

women would meet you in a nightclub and hook up with you THAT SAME NIGHT(her friends might even join)

and you could even be:
- broke
- fat
- stupid
- ugly
That's what I'm here to teach you
Taking you by the hand and showing you the exact step-by-step process so you can have the following results:

1. Consistent sex on the first date
2. Women BEGGING to be your girlfriend
3. Girls inviting their friends over for threesomes with you
4. Girls taking you to expensive dinners after spending just one night with you
5. Women throwing themselves all over you and WORSHIPING your genitals
6. Women fighting with each other to take you home

This information is incredibly powerful and controversial. I don't know how much longer feminists will allow me to teach this. Get an edge today by investing in Becoming A God today.
Normally $497.00 - Today Just $147
Here's what you get when you invest in Becoming A God Today
Inner Game
How would you like to feel like Hercules when you're meeting women?

In this module, you'll be learning:
1. Two Beliefs That Create Attraction
2. Two Beliefs That Create a World Class Sex Life
3. How to Internalize Those Beliefs TODAY
4. Inner Game Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them
5. How to Attract Your IDEAL Girl
6. Cultivating High Standards & Boundaries
How would your interactions be different if every girl you opened fell in love from your first words?

In this module, you'll be learning:
1. How to Start the Interaction So She's Attracted IMMEDIATELY
2. How to Offer Value & Have Her EXCITED to Meet You
3. How to Set the Frame of the Interaction
4. Common Pitfalls When Opening & How to Avoid Them
Mid Game - Conversation & Leading
Imagine knowing exactly what to say, how to lead, and get the girl chasing you... EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In this module, you'll be learning:
1. Leading the Interaction & Having Her Follow You
2. Expressing Your Personality & Getting Her ADDICTED to You
3. Passing Shit Tests
4. Screening the Girl
5. Setting Up the Close
Imaging putting in all that hard work just to fail at the end... You'll be learning how to close EVERY girl you get back to your house.

In this module, you'll be learning:
1. Handling Objections When Pulling
2. Managing Logistics When Pulling
3. Bedroom Escalation
4. How to Properly Have Sex With A Girl
5. Setting Up Relationships & Managing Them

Once you master all the techniques in Becoming A God, you will be dating at will. You'll have CHOICE and OPTIONS.

Get started before it's too late...
Normally $497.00 - Today Just $147
When you order today,
You'll get all of these HARDCORE
Are you struggling from approach anxiety?

No worries.

I'm throwing in a program I created for my in-person students to help them overcome approach anxiety in less than a week.

What you'll learn:
1. How to TACKLE and DESTROY approach anxiety
2. How to open(what to say 
3. How to handle EVERY situation you find yourself in
4. Beginner conversation techniques to captivate her attention
5. Getting quality phone #s and setting up the date
Texting & Setting Up Dates
Leon White & I breakdown the mindset to texting and setting up dates(+ examples)

You'll be learning:
1. The 3 Types of Texts & How to Respond to Them
2. How to Put In No EFFORT & GET DATES
3. How to Setup Dates For 100% LAYS
4. Our Personal Styles of Managing Leads
My Top 3 Lay Reports Video Breakdown
I'm going to be releasing my personal FAVORITE lay reports that I haven't shared anywhere else.

The reports:
1. 10min Canadian Asian Girl Nightgame Pull
2. Leopard Print Asian Girl Nightgame Pull
3. Seducing My Friends Girlfriend
Get all of these BONUSES Now Before the Timer Runs Out
Normally $497.00 - Today Just $147
Here is what a few of the thousand of guys who have gone through this training have to say about my ability to help YOU as well as their results
Who is Brian Black?
Whats up man, I'm originally from Kenya and I grew up in an incredibly socially strict household.

If you know anything about African parents then you know...

I wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend
I wasn't allowed to go out to school parties
I wasn't allowed...

to do anything but study and... the time college came, I was socially challenged
I couldn't hold eye contact with a girl...
I couldn't approach a girl at all...
I couldn't hold a conversation with my female group members...

I saw my friends hooking up with girls and getting girlfriends and...

...I knew I needed to change...
Fast forward to today, I've dated over 100 girls...
and simplified the process down to the easiest, fastest method so you can implement and get results for yourself.

Even if you're just getting started today.

There is a reason most "Dating Experts" aren't teaching you this.

It's because most of them aren't living the reality they're marketing to you.

I've approached over 10,000 girls and slept with over 100. I consistently get laid with 3-5 new girls each week....

All of this while sustaining a HEALTHY Open Marriage with my wife Monica.

It's my pleasure to offer this training to you so you can shave years off your learning curve...

and start living your dating fantasy TODAY...
Normally $497.00 - Today Just $147
Why is it just $147 today?
We're offering a discount for those who attended the free live training

Don't be fooled by the low price.

There are programs on the market right now selling for $997+ that don't offer this level of value.

I'm giving you this irresistible offer for a couple reasons...

First off, it's not too expensive for the majority of guys on the planet.

Secondly, I know when you allow me to over-deliver for you...

It will build a level of trust that pays off for both of us in the future.

Remember, there are more ground breaking, knowledge-bombs in this training experience than you'll get reading a dozen dating books, surfing on forums or wasting hours on youtube. 

These concepts have worked for thousands of other guys just like yourself...

In my biased opinion it's a total no-brainer.

And let's be HONEST...

You've already thrown away thousands of dollars on drinks at the bar, dinners, movies, concerts, dating app’s, jewelry and buying other crap you don’t need to try and impress women...

You can continue to waste money on those things and still not get what you want... 

Or you can make the decision right now to invest in yourself and live the life of your dreams.
Choose wisely,
Normally $497.00 - Today Just $147
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Becoming A God Work?
BECOMING A GOD is my personal system I teach for meeting and attracting women into your life. The foundation is based on having the girl chase you so you have to put in LESS WORK and are able to CHOOSE the girls you want.

First, I present a topic in each module. We speak in depth about the topic and I add infield examples to the topic so you can SEE what it looks like. Then I give you a call-to-action at the end of every video so you can implement and get results NOW.
Will you be teaching pickup lines and gimmicks?

Becoming A God is about being attractive at your core so you don't need pickup lines and gimmicks. By learning and implementing the concepts, you'll be able to attract girls with your natural personality.
What if I'm too nervous or have limiting beliefs about approach women in public?
That's okay.

We all started there. That's why I'm including STOPAPPROACHANXIETY to show you how you can overcome your nervousness and limiting beliefs in LESS THAN AN HOUR.
I'm a beginner, is this right for me?
Absolutely. By starting off with BECOMING A GOD, you will learn the most raw & effective gameplan to attracting women.

Unlike most guys, you won't waste your time with "techniques" that don't work. You will be given the tools and gameplan to guaranteed success.

You also have access to STOP APPROACH ANXIETY which will help you DESTROY your approach anxiety in less than an hour.

BECOMING A GOD also has monthly livestreams so all of your questions will be answered.
I'm an intermediate, is this right for me?
If you're an intermediate and struggling with getting consistent results then this is for you.

BECOMING A GOD is a "no bullsh*t" program. You'll be learning how to strip back your game and only keep what is EFFECTIVE and producing results.

Additionally, you will be learning ADVANCED MINDSETS & TECHNIQUES which you can implement to get results TODAY.

Furthermore, instead of CHASING women, you will be FLIPPING THE SCRIPT and having the girls game and CHASE YOU.

You'll learn how to sit back, let the girls chase, and choose the ones you want to pull or date.

On top of all that, you'll be learning my relationship management secrets that I use in my open marriage.
I want a girlfriend & relationships, is this right for me?
Yes. There is no better feeling than creating a beautiful relationship with your ideal girl.

You'll learn how to IDENTIFY those girls so you're only MEETING those girls.

I'll also teach you how to setup relationships ON YOUR TERMS so you can choose how long you want it to last.
​How quickly will I start seeing results?
I've had guys buy the program and get results that same day or night and others report insane results back a couple months after.

It comes down to how quickly you implement what you've learned.
Is this a one time investment?
Yes. The $97 is a one-time payment.
Normally $497.00 - Today Just $147
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